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A not-for-profit tax exempt educational organization that seeks funding from the community for three purposes:



  • Tuition Scholarships for students with exceptional talent or enthusiasm who need financial support to continue their dance education.

  • Performance Fund used to support public performances by The Ballet Arts Academy.

  • The Endowment Fund establishes a stable economic platform from which long range planning is made possible.

From its humble beginnings in 2005, the Oh! Ballet Arts Academy has grown to a powerful movement of Vaganova trained talent, with sold out audiences and contacts throughout the world. The young artists of Southern Maryland (St. Charles County) thirst for an opportunity to make a difference using the power of fine arts as their voices.

Southern Maryland is a fast growing community that has demonstrated its appreciation of the fine arts through its support of dance, song and theater. The BAA is cultivating young dancers and wowing audiences with professional performances of Russian Classical Ballet as it helps to close the artistic and cultural void of southern Maryland. This is the first time that such an academy has called Charles County ‘home’.

In 2010, Oscar Hawkins became involved with CSM performing arts. At that time, attendance rates rarely exceeded two hundred; even the Washington Ballet was not filling the house. But, when the BAA replaced the Washington Ballet at CSM, attendance skyrocketed to sold-out audiences.


The BAA’s Ballet Project brought in guest artists, teachers, and choreographic talents from Europe, local and from around the USA such as:

  •     Dancer Michelle Wiles, principal dancer from American Ballet Theater NY

  •     Dancer/Instructor Fernando Garcia, Juilliard, New York University and Alvin Ailey dancer and Preston Dugger, Broadway dancer from “Moving Out” and “Motown”,

  •     Soloist Dancer Samantha Figgins from Complexion dance Company,

  •     Choreographer Kelby Brown, Hollywood Choreographer and Cirque Du Soleil performer

  •     Dancer Kelly Cabrera, Celine Dion dancer and many others.


Recent BAA Venues demonstrate increased the number of attendees with;

  •     The Ballet Project at CSM 2009-2011: Sold Out

  •     Premiered of “Nutcracker” in 2011: 600 attendees

  •     Premiere of “Firebird” 2014 at Wise Performing Arts Theater: Sold Out 900 attendees.

  •     Premiere of “ICED” Winter Ballet 2014: 800 attendees

  •     “NUTCRACKER” 2016 at the Clarice Kay Theater: Sold Out 640 attendees

  •     "ICED  A WINTERS DREAM" 2018 at Bowie Performing Arts Theater: Sold Out 705 attendees

  •     "NUTCRACKER" 2019 at Bowie Performing Arts Theater: Sold Out 600 attendees

Principal Dancers 

$1000 or more

Gisele Booker 

Ronald Booker  

Angela Clark 

Adrian A. Hawkins

Virginia N. Hawkins 

William L. E. Hawkins  

Debra Krahling

Tony Small 

Jessica Teutsch 

Rasta Thomas


$500 - $999

Tanya Kirkland

Walter Smith

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